Muji Cardboard Speakers

Posted on November 11, 2004 Under Design

I just love anything Muji has ever made… Those designers are damn cool, and always thinking to the future of form and function. I’ve got a few journals, pens, and even a cool as hell pencil from the Muji store in Bloomsbury, London. I didn’t really know there design was making its way to the US so easily, but it looks like they have now opened (Oct 19th) the first North American store, on the lower level of the Moma Design Store in Soho, NY. These affordable cardboard speakers,gotta wonder how they sound, wait, who cares, they’re sooo cool lay flat in a clear plastic pouch and are easily assembled to plug into a portable CD or MP3 player. £19.95 worth of coolness, good xmas present, eh?

You can purchase them online from Moma Store or if you’re in the UK, i’m jealous and you can purchase them from Muji Online UK or just walk to one of the many Muji flagship stores through the city.This was featured in Metropolis Mag, good story!