Motorola ROKR and iTunes Nano

Posted on September 7, 2005 Under Gadgetry

It has been a big day for gadget lovers, Motorola officially announced the Motorola ROKR phone, which holds 100 songs, syncs with iTunes, etc. The phone is available now from Cingular, at $250 with a two year contract. On another note, and an announcement I lovedd–Apple introduced the iPod nano today, essentially replacing the iPod mini series. It’s available in two sizes, 2GB and 4GB, comes with the standard click wheel, plays up for up to 14 hours, etc. It looks like a squashed iPod, “thinner than a number two pencil”. Right now the iPod nano is only available in Black and White, but I’d predict multi-color editions will come out soon, as well as some nice capacity size bumps.