Moto, Chicago

Posted on February 4, 2005 Under Food

Everyone seems to be talking about this guy Homaro Cantu, who serves edible photos and sushi prepared on his i560 ink jet printer in his restaurant Moto in Chicago. There is a New York Times article about him and his crazy ambitions to take food to a whole new level. You’re crazy Mr. Cantu! And Maybe even genius! He prints images of sushi on edible paper made of soybeans and cornstarch, using organic, food-based inks of his own concoction. He seasons the paper with powdered soy and seaweeds. Even the menu is edible at Moto, crunch up your menu into a bowl of gazpacho and you have Mr. Cantu’s version of alphabet soup. Right now he’s trying to get his hands on a class IV laser to cook food, so he can do things like create an “inside out” bread where the crust is baked inside the loaf. He’s on his way to as he said– “revolutionizing how, where, and what we eat”.