Mortal Kombat + Politics

Posted on October 3, 2008 Under Life

What’s more fun, Mortal Kombat or politics? If you guessed combining both into one amazing web game you are correct. Now is the time for Kung-Fu Election where you can pick your candidate of choice and battle MK style to the presidency. Representing the Democrats is Obama, Michelle and Biden versus McCain, Cindy and Palin. Each fight is to the death and no one “respects anyone’s service to America.” Sadly there aren’t any fishing moves but there are combos. The game is actually put together pretty well and kind of hard. One word of advice: don’t under estimate Palin. She does this roll on the ground thing and sneaks right by with a hockey stick stab. Totally killed me even though I have tons of experience with Moral Kombat from years ago. The game was developed by the awesome programmers at Starvingeyes Advergaming and sponsored by Adom.