Mod My Life

Posted on November 6, 2007 Under Life

Just when you thought reality TV had gotten about as real as real was worth, in step the guys at Mod My LIfe. Co-founders Andrew Keidel and Martin Codyre have created the newest – and realest – in real TV. Mod My Life is a web-based reality TV show where viewers get to control the action by submitting and voting on actions or “mods.”

The star of each show, the “modstar” will be fed the winning actions through a hidden earpiece and it’ll all be caught on a camera either worn by the participant (sometimes hidden) or by a third-party cameraman. So let’s summarize: hidden camera, user-submitted actions, unknowing third-party participants. Yeah, that sounds like a recipe for entertainment no matter how you slice it. And I’m sure your minds are already rolling through a hundred different submission ideas, so head to Mod My Life at 12:30 EST today to check it out.