Posted on October 24, 2008 Under Life

Alert to all the animation nerds in the audience: The wow-worthy trailer for Virgin Comics’ new online animation series MBX, written by real-life superman Grant Morrison and superbly animated by Brazilian motion graphics talent Guilherme Marcondes, is up for giddy enjoyment on their site. MBX is an Indian story about war based on the Mahabarata, one of the longest epic poems ever (according to Wikipedia, it’s a killer at four times the size of the Ramayana). Marcondes, if some of you remember, is the same dude who made the gorgeous short film Tyger that ran the Res Fest and Internet circuits and won too many awards to count on fingers and toes. His work is a little different here, with decidedly more video-game-like graphics but still retaining the stunning, detailed work that engrosses viewers from the get-go. There’s no word yet on when exactly the series will drop, so stay tuned.