Mauro Gatti Nike Commerical

Posted on December 5, 2006 Under Design

A few weeks ago, I told you about Mauro Gatti, Italian artist/animator extraordinaire. I gave you the ‘heads up’ for Mauro to go big in the near future. With that said, I wanted to share his new Nike commercial with you all. It is has a great Italian ‘futbol’ vibe to it, and even more notably, it showcases Mauro’s remarkable animation skills (he worked with people like director Giullano Garonzi, and 3D gurus Paolo Valletti, Paulo Ubiali, and Jonas Arturo Santana among others) and rolled it out in just 3 weeks. The inspiration for the commerical was an illustration Mauro drew to celebrate Italy’s World Cup victory. You can check out some of his other animation projects by going to the brainbox and clicking on the ‘motion’ section. Nice job Mauro! Buona Sera!