MAKR Wallets, Relaunched

Posted on June 30, 2008 Under Design

One_Herring_Oil_Brown_Fr.jpg Mountain_One_Saddle_Tan_Fr.jpg Herring_Angle_Russet_Fr.jpg

I’ve been a massive fan and daily user of the MAKR wallets for a long time, literally first raving about them more than three years ago. I’ve been using the same One Wallet for about two years now, and it’s broken in and perfect — or so I thought. Wallet master Jason Gregory had to go and launch 12 new sets, making me extremely jealous of all the other cash-and-card carrying possibilities. Give these bad boys a look: simple, elegant, durable, timeless. Handmade by real people, for real people — all the materials are carefully selected, cut, laser etched in house. Congrats on an incredible relaunch Jason!

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