Last Cannon

Posted on May 22, 2009 Under Gadgetry

lc_screenshot4.png lc_screenshot5.png

It is almost a euphoric moment, a private instance when you let a faint smile appear on your face that nobody else notices. I had one of these moments when I played Last Cannon for the iPhone. It’s rare that a game, especially for the Apple mobile platform, has all the key elements that make up a perfect experience – gameplay, artwork/graphics, music, controls. This hits on all points flawlessly. The story, told through journal entries, is of an post-apocalyptic world. You are the last of your kind after the knurlings rained down and destroyed your world. 

The developer counts Geometry Wars, Dr. Mario and Ikaruga among his inspirations and I can definitely see elements of each in the game. Last Cannon is available now in the iTunes store for just $0.99. Version 1.1 promises to bring online leaderboards which will definitely add another layer to the gameplay.  

As a bonus for the readers of, the creator has given us four download codes to give away. Just leave a comment below on what elements you look for in a good game and we’ll choose four of you at random.