Ladybug iPod Docks

Posted on June 11, 2008 Under Design

Ladybugs are known for being lucky and making your garden look great. Element Skateboards are known for pumping out slick-looking boards for pro and amateur skateboarders alike. And now the two have been brought together for a new line of iPod docks by Element. The docks feature speakers that open like the wings of a ladybug and while some of the docks – available at Vestalife’s online shop are standard, but spiffier, iPod docks that play music, charge your iPod, etc. – others are one-off art pieces available on eBay that are for merely sitting there and looking good.

Either way, all proceeds from the docks designed by thirteen Element/VestaLife artists – including Aaron Martinez, Craig Metzger, and Dan Severson – help kids attend their Element YMCA Skateboard Camp that otherwise couldn’t afford it. So, while they may not give you any extra boost of luck when you try to land more nollies or kickflips, at least you’ll make someone else feel lucky this summer.