KM7 Kicks

Posted on July 7, 2006 Under Books

On July 9th the world cup will draw to a close and Italy or France will reign supreme in the world of soccer. So in the spirit of the game, and for all the soccer hooligans who think they know it all comes KM7 Kicks, The Fine Art of Playing Football, by Klaus Mai and Christian Bitenc. Mai and Bitenc, both graphic designers in Germany. They were frustrated with the visuals being used for the 2006 World Cup and KM7 is their wonderfully designed ode to the football championship. Utilizing their immense knowledge of the game, Klaus and Christian completed KM7 in only 5 months and with it challenge the knowledge of the "true" soccer fans covering everything including shoes, balls, lines, referees, rules, doping, techniques, logos, mascots, the cup and lawn maintenance from A to Z. "Do you know what the shell seats look like, how about how that the goal gates are knotted?" Even if you do, make sure to pick up a copy of the visual feast and soccer encyclopedia that is KM7 Kicks.