Kill Spiders, Buy Art

Posted on July 21, 2008 Under Art

Sometimes bad things happen. A couple weeks ago, an unknown spider bit Matthew Woodson and sent him to the hospital. The doctor's report requires a weekly treatment until the wound heals; roughly eight months. To make matters worse, Matthew is "in between" health insurance companies, which means he needs to sell some art. Luckily, he’s really good and has a rap sheet with clients like Wired, American Express and Threadless to prove it. While scary medical bills stack up every week he is asking for commissioned artwork … and by asking we mean begging. He will do anything, large or small — yes, that even includes tattoo projects. He also has some great prints available here and a full list of his illustrations on his website. Having gone through a spider bite personally, I know it can be quite scary. We wish Matthew a quick recovery. He has left a web of contact details on his blog for commission information or just to send a supportive note.

Via Drawn