Posted on July 10, 2007 Under Design

Every once in awhile, a day comes along when it’s just really freaking hard for a writer blogger to find stuff they’re excited to write about. Sometimes, this kind of day coincides with another kind of day (like the kind when you feel extra stupid and awkward and bad/unbelievable shit keeps happening, like a booger falling straight from your nose into your Americano), and when that happens, you know you’re in for it, and you write posts that don’t do things justice. I am having a day like that today. So, before I write another inadequate summary of something truly wonderful, there’s my disclaimer, and now- assuming that we’re clear on today’s state of affairs, I’m going to tell you about the design portfolio of Kilfish. The number one reason you should check him out is for the beauty of the site itself (delicious use of flash and fish-headed pin-up girls); number two is the variety of very well-developed skills (dare I say, mastery?) demonstrated in his portfolio; and number three is actually number one again- but with more emphasis on the part that said “fish-headed pin-up girls.”

…And that’ll be all from me today, folks, because Kilfish’s amazingness is largely self-explanatory.

…And I have to go strain my mother-&%#$@ coffee.