Keats' Solar Systems

Posted on October 18, 2007 Under Art

In his latest conceptual arts foray, Jonathon Keats is “formulating new miracles at a cosmic scale for gods to license and implement.” Huhhhh? The way he explains it — and I’m not so sure I could do much better — is that “In previous centuries, people were taken by the notion that the sun orbited the earth … the Copernican revolution upset all that. [He] figured disillusionment might be avoided in the future, and wonderment enhanced, by contriving planetary systems with multiple stars in orbit, all encompassing a planet in elaborate aerobatic configurations.” To elucidate his theory, Keats has designed 7 novel solar systems and made them available for licensing through S.F.’s Modernism Gallery. However, it need be known that buyers of his solar systems are highly encouraged to obtain the help of a qualified engineer — and is ultimately responsible for the construction of the system (Keats declined to comment about the estimated cost of construction of such a system). If you’re afraid that you just don’t have the money lying around to make one of these things a reality, don’t fret — you can hear the melodic appeal of Keats’ stellar musical composition ‘Sonata for Astral Organ’ on GarageBand — a much subtler miracle, but a miracle nonetheless.