Kaiju Big Battle Does Brooklyn

Posted on August 19, 2008 Under Life

After Godzilla emerged from the ocean to wreak havoc in the horrible 1998 film bearing his name, New Yorkers have longed to see large creatures duke it out on their shores once again. Even though that radioactive lizard is long gone that chance has finally come again. On August 23rd Kaiju Big Battle emerges from the murky depths of it’s usual home at Manhattan’s Webster Hall to descend upon Brooklyn. The event sponsored by MeanRed and Studio Kaiju, takes place at The Yard in Carrol Gardens and combines an enthusiasm for Japanese comic book monsters with the violently entertaining spectacle that is the wrestling match. For a small fee you’ll be able to see beasty hand-made behemoths locking horns with gruesome movie prop giants on the Bay of Gentrification known as the Gowanus Canal. Attendees will also be able to privy to some premium musical performances from by the likes of Peelander Z, Junk Science, Nick Hook and Team Facelift. Be there or be bodyslammed.

Big poster after the jump.