Junk de-luxe: Space Invaders Jacket

Posted on January 17, 2008 Under Fashion

Do you believe we're not alone in this universe? Have you ever had the sensation you're being watched by something other-worldly or the sneaking suspicion you've been the victim of an anal probe? Do you ever feel like you're in a real live version of Space Invaders just biding your time before the big alien onslaught? Look down, are there aliens on your jacket? Oh, there are! Silly you, you're not being monitored by visitors, you're wearing the Space Invaders jacket from Scandinavian design mavens Junk de luxe. Featuring hundreds of little pixelated intergalactic interlopers from the classic video game, this nugget of nostalgia available from Denmark's Trendlovers, not only feeds on a fondness for foreign flyers, but the actual design of the coat resembles that of the classic Members Only oeuvre of the 80's. If you're not rocking one of these bad boys, then you might want to check your closet to avoid close encounters of the unwanted kind.