Josh Feldman's Nameau

Posted on May 9, 2007 Under Design

The Spear Collective’s own Josh Feldman has just started a new Knacktion project called Nameau. It’s basically a site where you can buy company and product .com names, ready-to-go with logos. Dreaming up a name for a new business venture can be a challenge to say the least, so the goal with Nameau is to help people with that important first step. To me, it’s an interesting way to think about about the initial step of a company’s branding– to go shop for an already constructed name and logo. But then again, why not leave it to the pros in this age of made-to-order everything? Nameau’s prices are all over the board "“ and some names look to be on sale "“ but each does include a domain name and a logo design. They’re also available to do custom name and logo creation, site development, and hosting. you can contact the Nameau team here.