Jon Burgerman Has a Posse

Posted on June 11, 2009 Under Art


Art on the Internet is permanent in many ways, yet ephemeral in others. Things sell out, pictures are removed, sites fade away, links get broken. There's also a lot of art out there that's not meant to last forever. Maybe it gets lost or worn out or removed or eaten up. Doodlesplatter was born out of a desire to present a complete, centralized "artkive" of the work of Jon Burgerman. With just a few clicks, you'll see Jon illustrate that any surface can be a canvas. Whether you're sick on a plane (airplane vomit bag) or stuck in the rain (umbrella collab with SIZE?), Jon's doodles are there to captivate and bring cheer. Doodlesplatter catalogs over 300 items from Jon’s expansive portfolio, with options to search by medium, use and year. The frequently updated blogography features doodles by Jon exclusive to the project, the infamous lost Doodle Beat interview, brilliant web design by The Neon Hive and a complete case of OCD by me.