IWearYourShirt — less

Posted on January 20, 2009 Under Life

Back when IWearYourShirt.com launched, I swooped in and grabbed today’s date "“ January 20th. I thought I’d send him some clever Obama inauguration T-shirt to sport proudly for me, but truthfully I never got around to it. Then I thought I’d send him a ridiculously small tank top, and never got around to that. It also crossed my mind to buy a shirt and have my sweatiest friends work out in it, zip lock it, and send that to him. That too never happened.

And then I realized, I’d make him go shirtless on a cold winter day and just asked him to write “Obama” on his chest in lipstick or something. Tape and sharpie had to do, but it worked I suppose.

All in good fun of course. He took the joke very well. Be sure to check out his video and live-cast later today — very funny.