iPhone Queues by Gizmodo

Posted on June 29, 2007 Under Gadgetry

Yesterday I paid a visit to the Apple Store in Boulder (above, left), and I could feel the iPhone buzz in the air already (I mean a palpable sort of buzz, more intense than the steady, annoying buzz that has consumed the fine men, women, and children this country for the past 6 months). Sales associates and managers alike wore black t-shirts with “June 29” logos on them– it was decidedly the calm before the storm. I thought it’d be kind of neat to visit the store today just to check out the size of the line, the excitement of the crowd, I was even thinking about bringing my video camera to maybe shoot some live footage to share with you all. Then my brain got the better of me. Why waste my time in the 90 degree heat when Gizmodo — and every other tech blog — is already all over it? Early this morning, Gizmodo started accepting photo submissions from iPhone freaks all over the country and are compiling them into a steadily growing archive documenting this techni-cultural phenomenon. So if you’re an iPhone freak sitting in line at an Apple Store reading this post on your ‘old balls,’ sub-par mobile web browser, take a photo of the action and send it to iphoneline@gizmodo.com. My favorite one is from a kid in Michigan who was the only one in line (after the jump).