Invisible Shield: Protect Your Screen

Posted on January 23, 2007 Under Gadgetry

While we’re on the topic of iPod protection, take a look at the Invisible Shield from ShieldZone. While the ibumps product protects the chassis of your iPod from scratches, the Invisible Shield focuses on the screen itself. While you should by no means limit its use to your iPod (it can be used on any product with a screen), if you are anything like me, your iPod is probably the best place to start. Everyone I’ve talked to that has used Invisible Shield has had a positive experience with it– “It works great,” or “that stuff is indestructible” are two testimonials that come to mind right off the bat. I have seen some iPod screens so scratched that you can barely see what’s behind the screen– so for all of you guilty people out there (myself included), this is some food for thought.