Into The Pixel

Posted on February 8, 2008 Under Art

Hear Ye, Hear Ye. The time has come for gamers to gather around. Mavens of Metroid, Guitar Heroes, and Big Game Buck Hunters, we are talking to you. You are charged with making a pilgrimage to San Francisco for the 4th Annual Into The Pixel Exhibition at the Art Hotel on February 20th. It's time you finally showed your appreciation for the creators of the characters who keep you glued to your game console for hours on end so that you may once in your life taste the thrill of victory and not the agony of defeat associated with the outside world.

Alas, this exhibition is not only for the dedicated gamers. We'd be remiss to not mention that this is the only juried event that invites enthusiasts from both the “fine art world and interactive entertainment industry to show their appreciation for the art of the video game”; the upcoming exhibition will also feature collection from the previous two years. If you haven't booked your flights to San Francisco while reading this post"¦we don't know what you're waiting for. However, if you must wait to ask your mom in you can go, the exhibition is displayed through March.