Posted on June 13, 2007 Under Fashion

I’m certainly not aching for the return of 13 degree days and 5 o’clock sunsets, but the women’s winter 2007 collection from Australian surf brand Insight has certainly left me feeling friendlier toward this side of the hemisphere’s eventual re-approach to the season. With just enough eighties flavor to keep the party going (but not enough to make you want to burn all photos of the party for shame), this latest selection features plenty of layer-able shirts and sweaters, lots of playful dresses, and some kinda gross/mostly awesome denim (those high waists sure are ass killers…). I got so wrapped up in the ladies goods that I sort of neglected the men’s side of things, but I did notice some super-looking plaids and prints that you’ll really enjoy if you’ve been feeling today’s most recent streetwear. You can find Insight at a lot of U.S. based web-stores (Boulderites: You’ll find a limited selection at the Joyengine boutique), but because the seasons are opposute, we sometimes don’t see the new collections in their entirety. To get around this, I suggest ordering from Aussie sites and just suffering through the cost of shipping. The brand isn’t too pricey, anyway, the currency conversion will work in your favor and no one else will have it. Which, you know, automatically adds at least $100 to the value of the item. Yep, totally worth it.