Indian Call Centre

Posted on September 24, 2007 Under Design

Visitors to this year’s London Design Week will be able to make some interesting connections when they find themselves searching for answers. Not only will they find support and information through live-video phone chats with Hulger’s Indian Call Centre operatives in Bangalore, but they might find themselves engaged in some uncommon helpline conversation. Produced in collaboration with Applied Fiction, the “call centre executives,” who have undergone a program of “cultural sensitization,” are trained to recognize regional British dialects and even are up to date on the latest cultural references. What this means is: If you call up one of these super-operatives to ask a question about Design Week, you might as well go ahead and ask about the local weather or your fantasy football stats. This interesting combination of visuals and common ground may just make you feel like there’s a real person on the other line, giving new perspective to the generally helpless characteristics of “helplines.” If anyone happens to experience this first-hand, drop us a line and tell us about it; this sounds like an interesting experiment in communication!