iminlikewithyou's Dinglepop

Posted on April 8, 2008 Under Life


Who likes Dinglepop? I do, I do. What is Dinglepop you ask? The latest and greatest game from our pals, the makers of iminlikewithyou, who are the makers of Blockles, the most addicting game ever (which has been played 763,326 times to date). Basically, on Dinglepop, you use your keyboard or mouse to aim and shoot down little colored dingles, and reap the benefits (yes, it’s a familiar game done right). Go host a game and challenge 6 of your closest pals (or random cute boys or girls floating around the site) to a game. Dinglepop only has 17,827 games played and 943 hours wasted in the first week of launch– seems bound to become a huge success. The site states that playing dinglepop will make you smarter, better looking, and famous– or your money back. (Don’t worry it’s free, fun, and addictive.)