HypTV 2008 Skyscraper Festival

Posted on May 21, 2008 Under Life

Most of us relish when the Internet is reflected in real world applications. But not banner ads. The HypTV people aren’t exactly recreating a tangible Internet banner with speciously easy games and questions, but they do have access to a skyscraper-sized outdoor screen that shares similar dimensions as a typical web “skyscraper” banner ad. Even better, they are relying on you for the content. The HypTV 2008 Skyscraper Festival is giving users the opportunity to have their videos or animations to go into rotation on their giant screen in the heart of Manchester, England. The videos can be anything awesome, as long as they show off this gargantuan screen. Head over to their site to submit some videos so we don’t end up with some lame Web advert for car insurance.