Become an M 'an' M.

Posted on February 11, 2007 Under Design

Need something fun to do on this Sunday morning? Maybe you’re feeling a little down in the dumps from partying the last two nights? I recommend becoming an M&M— it is mindless, fun, and the final product will, well, speak for itself. Go to Planet M&M and explore around– then head to the character creator where you can fully customize yourself as a handsome chocolate suitor with a hard and sweet candy shell. I’ve decided to adhere to the Valentines Day theme, and built myself as the irresistible hunk of choco you see here. Notice the gold chain, flip-flops, groomed hair style, inviting eye brows, and rich red body; Sig Ep couldn’t have created a more dashing Valentines Day specimen. Watch out ladies! Here I come!