Posted on September 12, 2008 Under Gadgetry

New technology can often be scary. The liberal use of space age polymers and fancy LCD’s can frighten consumers into thinking they may have accidentally slipped into the future with no way back to the world they know and love. One way to remedy that is to camouflage innovation in a classic package. Hulger’s new VoIP PAPPA*PHONE effectively harnesses a new technology, while furnishing it in the eloquent and stylish package of American walnut wood and brass. Each of the phones from Furni, the Montreal based maker, is cut from one piece of wood, while the finer details are laser etched on. This first ever wooden Skype phone is compatible via USB with both Mac and PC incarnations of the Internet phone program, as well as other VoIP programs, allowing you to converse in style no matter what kind of computer you use.