Hoet: Mirror, Mirror

Posted on April 11, 2008 Under Design

Oftentimes, I will stand in front of the bathroom mirror and utter the magic words Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what would it look like if someone were to make a mosaic of me? I don’t normally get a response, but thankfully that age old question is being answered. And it can be answered for you too…provided you’ve ever wondered that aloud to your mirror. While nobody’s invented the talking mirror (or maybe they have) the innovative designers at Hoet have creative not one, two stunning artistic alternatives to the plain ‘ol mirror. Their Mosaic and Carpet mirror designs surrounded by a black minimalist frame don’t necessarily distort the reality they are reflecting, but rather turn it into a attractive visual enhancement of what one sees while gazing into it’s midst. We recommend snagging your mirror of choice at Hoet’s online shop. We guarantee you’ll never look at your surroundings the same again.