Hint Water: Relaunch

Posted on July 29, 2008 Under Food

Hint Water in honeydew-hibiscus is by far the most refreshing thing I've had this summer. The flavored water has debuted a new bottle design, as well as four new tastes: honeydew-hibiscus, blackberry, hibiscus-vanilla, and watermelon. Not only is the new packaging a huge improvement over the old design of awkward rounded bottles, but it seems that Hint Water is back with a vengeance. When Hint first debuted in yummy flavors such apple and pear, it was definitely appealing, but in my opinion the taste never lived up to the expectation. The revamped formulas make for a phenomenal product. Be sure to try watermelon. It masterfully combines all of the best flavors of the fruit, for those who like the juicy melon as well as the rind area. The new flavors are on limited West Coast release (and available online), but look for their full line of flavors at retailers such as Whole Foods.