High 'n Low Silicone Shims

Posted on June 1, 2007 Under Design

Things I have used, in the past, to fix wonky tables instead of buying new ones:

–bar coasters (the thick Guinness ones work great)
–old credit card invoices (devoid of personal info, obvs)
–roommate’s stray flip-flops (sorry, dude)
–roommate’s copy of Ms. Magazine (see above)
–my toe (ow)
–Jedi Mind Tricks (yeah, not so great at that one)

Sure, you can buy those clear table shims, but lets face it — they’re bo-ring. These silicone High ‘n Low shim substitutes by NYTO Studios are super-fun, super-kitschy and guaranteed to fix your table- and chair-wobble woes.

(via Core77)