Helvetica is Everywhere!!!

Posted on April 25, 2007 Under Design

This year is the 50th birthday of Helvetica, and this isn’t at all lost on the design world. The birthday font is being celebrated everywhere from being immortalized on wallpaper to being featured in a year-long exhibit at MoMA. It even scored the title role in a documentary about the impact of font usage around the globe. If you’re a typophile like me and bummed about missing out on Khoi Vinh’s limited edition HelFuckingVetica tee, you can still score the pin as part of the web designer’s collection over at El Boton. Or, if you’re the indecisive, pencil-and-paper type, Veer’s Pick-A-Side notebook not so subtly points out how perfect Helvetica is for relaying messages of both love and hate. Have you seen anyone else joining the party? Feel free to point us in their direction.

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