Guggenheim x Revolving Hotel Room

Posted on October 23, 2008 Under Art

Spending the night at the museum may sound like a childish endeavor that would include sleeping bags and stories about the murderous ghost of the wax statue of Hernán Cortés. Fortunately, there is no wax statue of Hernán Cortés at the Guggenheim, but there is a bed. The museum’s Revolving Hotel Room art installation by artist Carsten Höller features an array of furnishings “resting atop three outfitted, superimposed turning glass discs mounted onto a fourth disc” that rotate in concert at a snail’s pace. Not only is this piece part of the museum’s anyspacewhatever exhibit running from October 24th to January 7th, but come closing time it morphs into an actual hotel room available for an overnight stay. Don’t expect to be able to hold a big party on the premises though, as at most only two people are allowed to stay in the exhibit each night. While the room comes complete with luxury amenities there’s no word on whether that includes room service.