Green Light Flix

Posted on January 6, 2009 Under Life

Green Light Flix, a vegan-friendly community of animal rights activists and environmentalists, has opened the doors of their film studio to member participation in the creation of podcasts, videos, and web content. The Florida-based, fan-managed studio is more of an online creation hub than an exporter of slaughterhouse footage; it aims to make producers out of contributors who pay $25+ annually. Their efforts help finance the films, and also give them a say in the projects, their logos, and websites. Besides educational videos about vegan chefs and “greentrepreneurs,” the site also features projects in development for member voting, with the highest rated films getting produced and DVD copies going to the members who helped in their creation. “There are millions of vegetarians and vegans around the world, and many of us are insulted by being portrayed in films and TV shows as pale, 85-pound hippies that look sickly and need a murdered farm animal’s carcass and dairy products to feel better,” said Green Light Flix co-founder Scott Cardinal.