Gold, Silver Jawbone 2 Giveaway!

Posted on July 2, 2008 Under Gadgetry


We gushed about the release of the Aliph Jawbone 2, but when it launched it was only available in black (as shown here on the right). It’s very stealth, but not sexy enough for some. The new Jawbone is a vastly improved product with a much smaller form factor, more comfortable leather ear loop, and the slickest charging dock on the market. Oh, and as you can see, they just launched gold and silver versions of the headset. And guess what? We’ve got one of each to give away to two lucky readers. Glitzy gold and sparkling silver — one could be yours very shortly.

Last time around we had you talk dirty, sweet, and trashy to win. This time, we’re giving them away to the best answer to the following question:

Who can find the cheesiest song, music video, or album with the word Gold or Silver in the title?

Post in the comments — whoever gets me laughing the most, wins.

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