Gogo Inflight Internet

Posted on January 15, 2009 Under Travel

Using wireless devices was long seen as a no-no when flying the friendly skies. Visions of horrible accidents ala Oceanic Flight 815 kept us from checking email at 35,000 feet. Those fears are quickly becoming a thing of the past as more and more airlines are equipping their jets with broadband. The latest frequent flyers lining up to install the service is United Airlines. The domestic carrier recently tapped Aircell to give passengers the power to surf via the Gogo Inflight Internet Service, which will run users about $12.95 per session. The new aspect of in-flight entertainment will surely be a relief to travelers tired of choosing between episodes of The New Adventures of Old Christine and a viewing of Nights in Rodanthe during lengthy flights. Other airlines to offer the service include American, Delta, Virgin America, and Air Canada. Southwest is testing similar technology of Aircell’s competitor, Row 44.