Go Go Gadget Mobile Powerplant

Posted on September 28, 2004 Under Gadgetry

I’ve seen this pop up on a few sites now, seems pretty celver. The backpack that is a mobile power source to charge your gadgets without tying you to a power outlet. Three solar panels that generate 4 watts of power embedded in the back, they’re supposedly tough, light weight, waterproof, etc. Inside the bag is a Li Ion battery pack that stores the energy so it’s available when you need it. It doesn’t generate enough power to charge a laptop which is a bummer, but the little chart says it would take 6-8 hours to fully charge the iPod, and some other devices. I guess that’s cool if you stroll around the sunny side of the sidewalk for hours and hours without ever going home or somewhere that has an outlet. I don’t think I ever spend 6 hours out in the sun, but someone might. Still though, a good invention for the urban gadget warrior. Nothin’ like another gadget for our gadgets people. Available in November from Voltaic Systems , Price $229, you better hope nobody snags it off your back at that price.