Getting a Second Opinion

Posted on October 6, 2008 Under Life

During this political season it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be relying on various media sources for your up to the minute election coverage. If you’re looking at online periodicals and sites run by certain 24-hour news networks, the likelihood that all of your information will be ‘fair and balanced’ is slim to none. Most gatekeepers have an agenda that might not always be obvious to those who look to them for commentary. Thankfully, if you have trouble cutting through the biased sheepdip, interactive agency Sarkissian Mason has launched The Contrarian, an independent online fact-checking site that seeks to empower the masses to demand truth in media. The site doesn’t undermine your favorite news source, but rather enriches it by allowing readers cull key points on an issue from several “contrary” sources in order to develop a more focused opinion on world matters.