Posted on February 11, 2009 Under Design

As you know from reading our site, we love our wall decals so much we’d adopt them into our family if they were human. And so it’s with great excitement I came across Gecko, a Brazilian sticker company, whose designs look like they came right off a T-shirt. They look fab not only on walls, but anything else that needs some spicing up (ahem, that mass-produced laptop, for instance). They’re especially strong in hand-drawn designs, which gives their stickers a unique, artistic slant that’s akin to inviting your favorite artist to your place to help out with some interior decorating. Gecko’s the lifeblood of a duo that frequently works with artists"”mostly from its base of Rio de Janeiro"”to freshen up its catalog, plus they grab partnerships with architects to get their decals into residential and commercial projects. It’s your lucky day: Gecko delivers internationally.