Future Perfect 01: Cleveland MOCA

Posted on February 8, 2007 Under Art

As part of the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art group show called Side by Side, Mark Moskovitz is showing the first piece in his Future Perfect Series. It’s entitled Future Perfect 01, and the inspiration and story behind the piece is really what drew me to it. Mark’s idea was to juxtapose antiquated and primarily obsolete technique with modern materials and technology in order to enhance how we think about objects both proactively and retroactively, hopefully creating a dialogue that can be at first hypersensitive and later blind to the linear history that created them. In theory, putting together conditions of different eras magically imagines other entire sets of questions, solutions, and aesthetics, perhaps one day helping to positively reinvent the wheel. The construction of Future Perfect 01 is all hand cut (no power-tools at all), and utilizes custom-designed joinery, which means that it’s held together by itself, and not by fasteners like nails, screws, or glue. The frame is 100% HDPE plastic, and the webbing is polyester cord. It will be at the Cleveland MOCA until May 13th, and I urge any of you who will be in the Cleveland area to go have a look at Future Perfect 01 and the other ‘up close and personal’ art in the Side by Side Exhibit.