Furniture Typeface

Posted on May 20, 2009 Under Art


Practicing Feng Shui (shameless plug for my fathers book) is but one way of expressing oneself and opening up your life through the arrangement of furniture. If you’re not in possession of someone to help you move that weighty bookshelf across the room to a more satisfactory spot that enhances your chi, you could probably be content with another way altogether of using furniture to express yourself. Thankfully, Austin-based designer Cody Haltom’s Furniture typeface allows for the perfect marriage of both verbal and design expression of your inner being. Whether you’d like to craft a passive-aggressive message to your roommate for not being around to help you move said bookshelf or just want to bring a nice home-y feel to your words, this impressive typographical display could certainly do the trick.

The agency that created this work was The Butler Bro’s, and apparently Cody was a designer on the project.