Function Drinks

Posted on June 14, 2007 Under Food

Dr. Alex Hughes is an orthopedic surgeon at UCLA in the morning and in the afternoon, he is the president of Function Drinks. You may have heard of Function Drinks (their first drink, Urban Detox, is a popular remedy for nasty hangovers), which is a fusion of clinical science and all natural, tasty beverages, and we've been fortunate enough to have the chance to try their three new functional platforms currently being launched into the market. The new drinks, entitled House Call (also dubbed as “Dr. McDrinky” on the bottle), Vacation and Light Weight are yummy to say the least. House Call is a pleasant honey green tea flavor that makes you think twice because of its complexities. Vacation, which improves your mood, is a tropical getaway in a bottle due to its pleasant pacific coconut flavor (and those magical scientific ingredients). Light Weight has a sophisticated combination of active ingredients to get your metabolism going and burn calories, including red wine extract. We can't decide which of the three Light Weight flavors is the best: Acai Pom, Dragonfruit or Pink Grapefruit, so you're going to have to try them yourself. Just 8oz of Function Drinks will make you feel like a better person, so keep an eye out for this drink, which definitely earns its name.