Fossils of the Future

Posted on May 13, 2009 Under Art

No one at Pompeii expected to have their civilization snuffed out in a hail of lava and ash, but when their remnants were finally excavated some 1700 years later archaeologists found of wealth of material that told the story of how they had lived. Even though our superior scientific technology does a much better job of preparing us for disasters, there’s really no telling when the big one will come and “preserve” us all. When future generations discover us, what sort of life instruments will they find to tell our tale? Artist Christopher Locke has somewhat of an idea, his modern fossils preserve our video game loving, boom box blasting heritage in stone. While future generations may not actually be able to play kickin’ cassette tapes on a ghetto blaster or witness Mario putting the pedal to the metal in his “Kart” they can at least take comfort in finding we were courteous enough preserve the form of our favorite gadgets in a nice stone package all the while still continuing our wave of electronic innovation and waiting for mother nature’s other shoe to drop.