FlyRight, Right?

Posted on September 18, 2007 Under Travel

I hate pumping my body full of nasty stuff; it’s a trait I inherited from my parents, who have always preferred straightening themselves out through more natural means. Years of experience and plenty of positive results have reinforced their beliefs, but always at the classic naturopathic risk of a few failed remedies between problem and solution. The latest product that will hit the testing block is FlyRight, a new anti-jet-lag formula that promises to completely cure users from the rough side-effects of long-distance flying. Apparently, FlyRight tastes like absolute crap, but counts several high-profile (non-endorsed) jet-setters as fans (to my knowledge, Josh is not currently among them; he won’t try anything unless it tastes like lilacs). Anyway, if Flyright actually follows through with getting my parents to China and Italy fuzz-free, I think we’ll officially be able to kiss those sleeping pills/painkillers/tequila shots good-bye. Then again, the painkillers are kind of fun. Wait, just kidding; I hate pumping my body full of nasty stuff, remember?