Find the Fedora

Posted on October 14, 2008 Under Life

Even if you feel like you lost Indiana Jones forever that fateful day this summer when you wasted $10 on Kingdom of The Crystal Skull, you probably still long to participate in archaelogical adventures inspired by your favorite onscreen professor. Well, there’s still plenty of artifacts out there waiting to be found. Among them is your very own Indy hat, a necessity for anyone on their first or last crusade. Luckily, if you live in New York, San Francisco, L.A., or Chicago, you might just happen upon one of 800 fedoras. An anonymous group has planted them in random nooks and crannies of the four cities for anyone to pick up. Just think, you could be that close to becoming your own version of Indy and carrying on the tradition as you please. We should note these hats belong on your head and not in a museum.

via Zoomdoggle