Ethan Bodnar

Posted on April 10, 2008 Under Design

Most eighteen year olds preparing to shove off to college in the fall are doing so to learn how they can change the world. Ethan Bodnar is not most eighteen year olds. In fact, this young whipper snapper has already done more in his young life than some people do in a lifetime. Already an accomplished graphic designer, author, entrepreneur, lest we forget, Eagle Scout…Bodnar has some pretty interesting new projects he’s looking to unleash on the world. Perhaps our favorite of his endeavors is his Grab Bag Book for HOW Books, which asks artists from around the world to “explore their creativity by being randomly assigned a creative task in a field of creative work they are not used to” ranging from building design to comic strip animation and beyond. The wunderkind also is responsible for several other projects including Videos For Creatives, a blog featuring videos from the online creative community, as well his own design blog. If he’s got this much going for him at such a young age, we give it at least until he’s twenty-two before he’s a household name. Check him out now so you can say you knew of him way back when.