Esquire TV Launches

Posted on July 25, 2007 Under Life

I’ve said for the longest time that the four things I look for in a guy are nice teeth, the ability to tie a double windsor, tolerable music sensibilities and a subscription to Esquire. As far as the latter goes (and on an semi-unrelated note) I’ve watched their online presence develop under the careful guidance of ridiculously talented friend, Eric Gillin, since the new Esquire site dropped late February. And, in case it wasn’t already full of awesome-sensitive-manliness, there’s even a way for boys who can’t/don’t like to read about things that may actually help them get laid/a job/in-law approval: Esquire TV. Comprised entirely of original Esquire content, the platform aims to continue their “Man At His Best” rhetoric. Eric says “[a] good example of that is the Virtual Valet series you can see there now, with the “How to Shave” and “How to Iron” videos. We basically took the music from NFL Films and had an announcer with a deep voice tell you how not to remove the top six layers of skin on your face when you’re half asleep in the morning. There will be more of those to come. Four now, and one a week debuting over the next month.” The site, which officially launched yesterday, also teaches other highly valuable lifeskills, such as creating Halle Berry wall murals and blending ESKY awards into lung- and blood-damaging particles of dust. You should go check it out — your face will probably thank you tomorrow.