Eberg: Inside Your Head?

Posted on March 27, 2007 Under Music

You all have seen this iPhone ad that aired during the Oscars a few weeks ago (at least you better have seen it). It’s surely among few others in a short list of truly great TV ads from the past year. While you were most likely mesmerized by all of the “hellos” from memorable film moments over the years, you may also still have the background music “Inside Your Head.” Puns aside, that track came from Icelandic musician Eberg (real name Einar Tonsberg), who has been chipping away at a new album up in Iceland, and I can’t wait to hear it. Some of you may have heard tracks off of his last album VoffVoff, which Eberg released in June of 2006 (incidentally, “Inside Your Head,” which is on Voff Voff, was on an episode of TV show The O.C. a few months ago as well). To refresh your memory, you can purchase the album from iTunes, or listen to some snippets on Eberg’s website. Just a little music FYI from an Icelandic source of mine that I thought you all would enjoy.