DURKL Denim, Etc.

Posted on November 26, 2007 Under Fashion

I’m supposed to be telling you about denim; denim contrived in D.C., made in L.A., and available for shipping anywhere your doorstep may reside. However, the photography on DURKL‘s site was too, too incredible to focus only on their new cut-and-sew pantalones (available in both classic and slim fit cuts), so I’ll give you a brief rundown, then move on to what I really want to say. Brief rundown goes as follows: If the tight, acid-washed denim that you share with your girlfriend lost its charm when you and your nine-year old cousin showed up wearing the exact same outfit this Thanksgiving, this is where you go next. It comes in purple, cyan, yellow, black, and white, and a better pair hasn’t existed since whatever everyone rocked in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Some free advice from me: You’ll want to wear your pants — any pants — with the Pump (in white) tee or the Crooked (in orange, if you can pull it off) tee. Note to boys: some of the guys on that site are modeling the shirts in sizes too big for their bodies. Let’s not take any cues from that — I had a boyfriend like that once, and it sucked. Draw inspiration from the well styled pics of the Summer ’07 line instead, and buy some of it if you can. And here’s what I really want to say: Your girlfriend wants these. Trust me.