Drooling on The Audi R8

Posted on January 4, 2007 Under Design

I almost forgot to mention, while the other JS and I were down devouring art fairs in Miami, we had a chance to spend a few minutes hands-on with (fondling inside and out) the new devilishly-fast looking Audi R8. The car was a bit of a surprise, it was placed inside the entrance to Design Miami, the event was apparently entirely sponsored by Audi (the A8’s in the entryway with Zaha Hadid’s name in the window must have tipped us off). The fender flares were mean, as expected, and the interior as we had dreamed. We didn’t get to actually drive the car, but I could feel the 650hp turbo diesel engine just dying to be started– unfortunately, no keys in the glove box, under the seat, or anywhere to be found. We’ll check in with the R8 again this weekend at the Detroit Auto Show again, I’m sure. More eye candy after the jump.